How to Get Customers to Spend More in Your Restaurant

How to Get Customers to Spend More at Your Restaurant

You most likely are going to retain first-time customers at your restaurant because of the quality of the food. However, that’s not enough to give them a reason to spend more. As much as you love seeing a bunch of people coming in every week for the same stuff on the menu, you certainly would want them to spend more.

Most restaurant owners focus on improving customer service and the overall experience, but those things are superficial. In other words, many customers don’t care about how creative your interior décor is or how accommodating and friendly your staff. If they don’t give them a reason to spend more, then they wouldn’t. 

Inviting customers may be a cakewalk for you, but how do you motivate them to spend more while they’re looking at the menu?

It’s a Dessert Thing

Don’t ask your customers if they are interested in a dessert because they most likely will think you’re just pushing an unpopular product. Instead, you can provide an extensive sampling of all your desserts, obviously in small sizes. Put in a conspicuous area in your restaurant that is hard for anyone to miss. 

Give Rewards for Spending

Punch cards were quite a thing back in the day, but restaurant owners eventually stopped using them after realizing that they didn’t motivate customers to spend more on food. Those cards were also difficult to track during inventory. 

A more practical approach is a rewards system. What you do is reward your customers based on how much they’re willing to spend. You market it as some loyalty program, where you give back to your loyal customers for dining at your restaurant. The strategy works, especially when you realize that loyal diners are spending 20% more than walk-ins and first-timers. 

Creativity in Pairs

If you own a restaurant, it means you offer alcohol as part of your beverage lineup, unless you’re in a dry town. You should know that alcohol plays a crucial role in motivating customers to spend more at your restaurant. You don’t have to serve alcohol like how a bar or pub does, but the critical element to your success in increased consumer spending is learning the art of pairing.

The first thing you must do in pairing alcohol with your menu is to educate your staff about it. Seek an expert’s help in understanding more about potential alcohol and meal pairs. You may include beer, wine, mixed beverages, cocktails, and more. Another effective strategy is to offer wine tasting in small-sized pours. It’ll motivate the customer to try more options later. 

The bottom line is when you bring out the creativity in your restaurant offerings and focus on your menu; there’s a much better chance of motivating people to spend more than they initially planned once they come in.