Landscaping for Your Home

Pebbles, stone, and gravel add to any Fort Worth landscaping project. Various colors and different types of rocks and stones add beauty to the outside of your house having people longing to see the inside. Choose from polished rock to red clay colored stone. Add some colorful bark chips in certain areas for more drainage.

Accent your driveway, gardens and walkways with beautiful flowers and stones. Creek rock adds color to your landscaping project by accenting the area around the rock. Always remember the fabric sheet for the ground layer to prevent those annoying weeds from growing your beautifully landscaped gardens.

Adding grass to your landscape done with either grass seed or roll down sod. You need to take proper care to ensure everything continues to grow and strive. If you need a level ground surface to start with, a rototiller and a rake can help with this project. Just turn the ground and level off with a rake. Some people also use a heavy drum roller to flatten the dirt down for a smother area to work with.

Walkways to gardens or doorways with a textured cement with a colored people to give the texture look as well as the illusion of a rock walkway. Make a statement outside your home to invite your guess inside. After all, the outside is the first thing people see, when visiting your home. The landscaping requires a few hours a week or so to oversee all the areas are free of weeds and the areas are growing, as they should.