Teenage Hacker Paid $60,000 from Google for Security Breach

A teenage hacker will receive $60,000 in award money from Google, by successfully Hacking the first Chrome vulnerability at the Hack in the Box conference. the full article says This is the second time the teenage hacker has earned the top prize.

Many companies will pay for 0-days against their software. The government and defense contractors will pay serious money for remote root 0-days. If you’re a security researcher, and you’re good at it there is some serious money to be made.

Software isn’t everything these days. I just got my IT Networking degree in the summer and now looking for a job while also reviewing VCP since I need to take that by end of this year because I have exam in December. VCP alone is good money however, knowing cisco you can always get CCNA and then if you want to move up you take more exams but that is something you can do after.

What’s important is knowing the hardware first and if you are good with programming languages, second. First you need a job at whatever degree in IT you have. For me its IT Networking and while I have A+ and work on myself I really do want to work with hardware like servers, different systems.

I understand better hardware then software languages even though I am multilingual English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, but that does not mean anything at all. I never got deep into programming except VB.net back in school. And A+ is very boring for me but right now it pays my bills.

But I do love computer security and computer forensics so I might get into that. But that would be later after VCP and a real job in IT. Be the best at what is easy for you, than challenge yourself. Computers are easy to build these days because people made them easy to assemble but how many know how to design a motherboard and how exactly each component works aside from saying if you place motherboard specific RAM not only will you be able to power on computer but you will get a memory and speed boost as well.

Granted autonomous process right now since machines are building everything but still you need to know those processes and be able to build stuff. Apocalypse comes, IT infrastructure gets destroyed in the process who is going to rebuilt that. A computer programmer?

Don’t make me laugh most of them don’t know enough how to fix a computer. You will need engineers or maybe Chinese to do that. Ok it was my humor on the side so I hope I made you all laugh people. I don’t regret I spent 2 years studying IT Networking. Right now beats Marketing and those people who are studying psychology unless you get a Ph.D or Masters you are no good to anyone.

Finally, regarding programming you need to be very good at young age to beat all those baby boomers with their decades of programming experience. And no job will hire young programmers for a lot of money.